We wish to invite interested eligible bidders with both technical and financial capacity  to bid for the supply of goods and services, respectively, for the Financial Year 2021-2022.



TENDER NO: TSL/001/2021-2023


  1. General Information


  • Introduction

SOBETRA KENYA LIMITED is a construction company established in Kenya in 2017 as a result of expansion of Sobetra Uganda with the objective of providing construction solution and developing infrastructure in the region.

SOBETRA UGANDA LIMITED is a construction and engineering company incorporated in Uganda in 1996, whose vision is to provide business solution in all sectors.

Sobetra Kenya Limited and Sobetra Uganda Limited would like to invite interested candidates who must meet the set criteria for pre-qualification to perform the contract of supply/ provision of goods and services respectively.


  • Pre-qualification objective

The main objective is to supply goods and services under relevant categories as and when required by Sobetra Limited over the period 1st March 2021 – 28th Feb 2023.


  • Pre-qualification Invitation

Registered suppliers are invited to submit their pre-qualification documents via the provided company link in order to be considered for submission of quotations. Prospective suppliers are required to provide all mandatory information for pre-qualification.


  • Pre-qualification Document

This document contains business questionnaire and documents required from prospective suppliers. It is mandatory that this information is provided for pre-qualification.


  1. Contractual Guidelines


  • Taxes on imports and custom clearance

All duties and taxes associated with importation of goods shall be paid by the supplier. It is the supplier’s responsibility to have imported goods cleared from the port.


  • Contract price

The contract shall be of unit price/rate, quantities required may vary depending on demand. The quoted price/rate must be the final price inclusive of delivery of item(s). The quoted price must be inclusive of Vat and the Vat element must be clearly indicated.


  • Payments

All local purchases must be on a minimum of thirty (60) days credit period or as stipulated in the Contract Agreement.


  1. Pre-qualification Instructions

3.1 Pre-qualification data form

This data form contains three major categories, PQ-1, PQ-2, PQ-3 and PQ-4 which are to be completed by prospective suppliers for consideration. All the document that forms part of the proposal must be filled and submitted in soft copy.


3.2 Qualification

The pre-qualification data provided by the prospective supplier shall be used by the procuring entity in determining the qualification of the supplier in performing with respect to the Tender category applied for.

Prospective suppliers shall only be successful upon satisfactorily proving the required information to execute contract for goods and services.


CT-A/SOB/O1-2021/23Building MaterialsHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/O2-2021/23Hardware MaterialsHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/O3-2021/23BitumenHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/O4-2021/23Formwork, precast & pillingHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/O5-2021/23Fuel, oil & lubricantsHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/O6-2021/23HDPE, Upvc pipes & fittingsHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/O7-2021/23 spare parts HQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/O8-2021/23Steel and steel productsHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/O9-2021/23Timber and timber productsHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/10-2021/23Generators & water pumpsHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/11-2021/23Passanger Car & Pick-ups spare parts (Toyota | Nissan| Mitsubishi| BMW)HQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/12-2021/23Workshop tools & equipmentHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/13-2021/23Tyres, tubes, batteries & accessoriesHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/14-2021/23bottled water & lease of water dispensersHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/15-2021/23AirtimeHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/16-2021/23personal protective equipment (PPE’s)HQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/17-2021/23Survey equipmentHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/18-2021/23Lab testing material & equipmentHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/19-2021/23firefighting equipmentHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/20-2021/23Staff UniformHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/21-2021/23promotional and branded itemsHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/22-2021/23general office stationeryHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/23-2021/23detergents and cleaning materialsHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/24-2021/23Office ICT equipment, consumables and allied accessoriesHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/25-2021/23Security and Access Control Equipment (CCTV,BIOMETRICS)HQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/26-2021/23Electrical itemsHQ & Regions
CT-A/SOB/27-2021/23Office furnitureHQ & Regions

Category B: Provision of Services
CT-B/SOB/O1-2021/23Air travel servicesHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/02-2021/23Audit and Tax Consultancy ServicesHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/O3-2021/23Audit for EHS and OSHA standardsHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/O4-2021/23Clearing and forwarding, Courier & Logistics servicesHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/O5-2021/23Full board accommodation and conference facilitiesHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/O6-2021/23Helicopter and Fixed wing aircraft servicesHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/O7-2021/23Installation, repair and Maintenance of CCTV and access control equipmentHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/O8-2021/23Insurance coversHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/O9-2021/23Internet, email and web-based services Office cleaning servicesHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/1O-2021/23Repair and Maintenance of computers, Servers, Printers, UPS and Related ICT EquipmentHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/11-2021/23Repair, Service and Maintenance of Motor VehiclesHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/12-2021/23Team Building Activities and Capacity Building servicesHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/13-2021/23Training Services; First Aid, Confinement spaceHQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/14-2021/23Transport Services (Hire of Vans, Mini-Buses, Buses and Taxi Services)HQ & Regions
CT-B/SOB/15-2021/23Office cleaning servicesHQ & Regions