Dams and Agricultural Projects

Since many years the Sobetra international, leader in dam construction and rehabilitation, has been committed to enhancing a crucial asset for mankind, that is water. Indeed water flow control can significantly affect the economy of wide regions.

Dams are usually built to generate electrical power, to feed canals and irrigation and water supply systems, to raise river water level to make them navigable or control the level during high water and low water periods, to create freshwater reservoirs and artificial lakes.

Dams often have multiple functions; in developing countries, however, the capacity of building dams is an important step toward industrialization.

Dams being a barrier across a waterway to create artificial reservoirs, they can however differ in type and size. Sobetra International has been actively involved in the construction of new dams or in solving seepage problems to existing ones, thus tackling major engineering issues: geological and geotechnical issues require special attention, with respect to water-tightness of the dam body, walls and bottom; to this end, special technologies and systems have been designed, tested and used to set up “impermeable” screens, as well as soil treatment in order to dramatically reduce natural permeability.