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“DRC Project “will drastically change Sobetra,” Managing Director

The signing of a contract for a road construction project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will positively impact Sobetra Limited, the company’s Managing Director (MD) has said.

Termed the “biggest contract in the company’s history,” the DRC Project is a Design and Build of 340 Km road in South Kivu province. Sobetra Limited will be executing the earthworks as a sub-contractor for Europe-based infrastructure company, A&M Development Group.

“This opportunity does not come often in a lifetime for a Company – I could compare it to winning the lottery in America – and it will drastically change Sobetra,” the MD, Giorgio Caesar Antonio Petrangeli Junior, said in a video address to Sobetra employees on Friday, May 13.

He added, referencing the USD 210M project signed in November 2021, “It shall allow us to inject more money into the growth of the Company and the acquisition of other projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Noting that most lottery winners “normally end up being broke,” the MD, popularly referred to as Junior, assured the employees that “it will not be the case for Sobetra since we have been getting ready for such an opportunity; for the last 25 years.”

So far, the Company has already submitted the design for the first 100 km of road design and is progressively submitting the rest. It has also submitted the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Report and is undertaking the relevant Geotechnical Investigations and Economic Studies to validate the project’s feasibility.

“The Nairobi headquarters has been very active in the preparation of this project. I believe that we have never been as ready to begin a project as we are today for DRC,” Junior said in his address, adding, “However, let’s not forget that the bigger the projects are, the more complicated the planning becomes.”

To ensure seamless planning and execution of the DRC project, the MD confirmed that the Construction Company is strategically onboarding new professionals that align with its expanding need.

“I am very confident that the foundations for this new era of Sobetra are strong enough to sustain the upcoming weight as we continue reinforcing the foundations and preparing ourselves to reach the sky,” he enthused.

The MD, who is passionate about Africa, noted that though most of the resources and personnel will be based in DRC, the company intends to keep Nairobi as the headquarters of the company’s growth.

He added that Sobetra Limited, which aspires to have a footprint across Africa that shall be used to “piggyback” international investments on local development projects in roadworks, civil works, and waterworks that positively impact the people of Africa, will continue tendering for more projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, South Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, DRC, Central African Republic, and Burundi.

He acknowledged the input of each of the company’s team members, saying, “I would like to congratulate you for the works you have executed in the ongoing projects. I am personally very proud of the activities on all the sites despite the prevailing challenges.”

Amid the economic challenges in the East African nation characterized by a drastic increase in the cost of living, the MD expressed confidence that the ISO 9001:2015-certified company will rise above the challenges.

“The challenges notwithstanding, I really want you to be part of this Safari/Adventure which will take us across Africa,” he appealed to Sobetra family members in his video address.

Incorporated in Uganda in 1996, Sobetra Limited specializes in road construction and maintenance, bridge construction, dams and agricultural projects, sewage and water systems, and civil and industrial constructions.

Currently, the company is the main subcontractor in Konza Technopolis, a critical flagship project of Vision 2030, and upgrading to bitumen standard and maintenance of the 94-kilometer Timboroa-Meteitei-Songhor-Kopere & Kaiboi-Chepterwai-Kipkaren River in Kenya.

Sobetra Limited is also the main contractor in two projects in Coastal Kenya – Water distribution works for Mtwapa Town, Kilifi County, and laying of distribution lines from Mabokoni reservoir to Ukunda town and environs in Kwale County.

Besides Kenya and DRC, the company, whose clientele includes the European Union (EU) and Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KOTDA has undertaken projects in other countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, such as Uganda, Rwanda, and Namibia.



  1. All the best my beloved company, more jobs more money in our pockets.

  2. Thank you our dear director.
    That’s great news as far as sobetra family is concerned. Let’s pray that it all goes well.
    The sky is the limit.

  3. Congratulations, long live Sobetra International.

  4. Good work Mr Junior. I really like the company so much.
    Congratulations team sobtra kenya, Sobetra Uganda, kwale n kilifi. Doing a marvelous job.
    Always the winning team when we come together.

  5. Very impressive!!!.. am happy to be one of this family bravo our MD MR. JUNIOR🙏🙏

  6. Good work keep it up.
    It is an opportunity that comes onces in a life time.

  7. I’m so happy and proud to read this article of the achievements in construction in the Africa continent the leadership and personal qualities make this outfit SOBETRA that perseverance tenacity and a Dream comes true…great teachings for us all.


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