SOBETRA UGANDA LIMITED is a construction company, which was incorporated in Uganda in 1996. It was born out of a partnership between a Ugandan who was determined to take part in the building of his country and the involvement of determined investors who were already engaged in several commercial and industrial activities in the country.

The partnership benefited from the experience of the foreign partner, SOBETRA RWANDA S.A.R.L. which had successfully operated for over thirty years in the construction field, bringing along the experience and knowledge of technical and operational construction activities and management.

Sobetra Uganda has as a result put into use especially in Uganda, the vast and important experience acquired by the partners, in the field of construction works in the sectors of:

  • Road maintenance and construction
  • Bridges
  • Sewage and water systems
  • Dams and agriculture projects
  • Civil and industrial building

Sobetra Uganda has a construction Company incorporated in Kenya, and recently incorporated a construction company in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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